• Mineral Rejuvenation Jules

    Single 25,000

    Double 50,000

    Triple 75,000

    Quad 100,000

  • Benefits

    Neodymium Magnet

    Magnet Therapy

    Core Benefits:


    Reduce Neuropathy Pain


    Muscle Tension

    Back and Neck Pain



    • In-depth Explanation

    Magnet Therapy involves the direct application of a magnet to the skin or a magnet held no more than two inches above a certain area on the body. As an alternative medical practice, these magnets are designed to alleviate pain and reduce other physical ailments such as arthritis, back pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, general soreness and surgery recovery.

    Negative Ions

    White Point on Bracelet

    Core Benefits:


    Improve Immunity

    Promote Metabolism

    Enhance Muscular Function

    Regulate Balance


    • In-depth Explanation


    Positive Ions:

    Ions are molecules that have gained or lost an electrical charge. They are created in nature as air molecules and break apart due to sunlight radiation. An excess of positively charged ions in our environment contributes to fatigue, tension, and anxiety as well as affecting asthma and depression.


    High wind storms, electronics, and manufactured light are common sources of positive ions.


    Negative Ions:

    Negative Ions have the opposite effect on your health. Mountains, Beaches, Nature Parks, Deserts and other clean natural environments are the greatest sources of Negative Ions. When negative ions are introduced into the bloodstream they improve mood and energy levels. Due to the technical age, we live in our surroundings have more Positive Ion sources than Negative Ion sources. A great way to balance this is either exercise in nature or wear a bracelet that supports Negative Ions.


    Far Infrared Ray

    Red Point on Bracelet

    Core Benefits:


    Improve Blood Circulation

    Enhance Metabolism

    Immune System Support



    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


    Analgesic Affect


    • In-depth Explanation

    Far Infrared Therapy minerals found in the bracelet are intended to help improve circulation. By wearing the bracelet the majority of your

    24-hour cycle customers have said to experience muscle soreness and arthritic relief.


    Black Point on Bracelet

    Core Benefits:


    Immune Functions

    Blood Pressure Regulation

    Improved Anti-aging Effects


    • In-depth Explanation

    Historically Germanium is used in arthritic treatment applications as well as bone weakness and general joint pain. It has also been commonly used as immune support as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. In order to see any real results with these bracelets, you must wear it during your entire day through activities and sleep. It is important that you not deviate from any medical treatment prescribed by an overseeing physician.

    The Power of our Bracelets

    Ions By Bracelet Type



    Single Row 25,000 ions

    Double Row 50,000 ions

    Triple Row 75,000 ions

    Quad Row 100,000 ions






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