• Health WristBand USA (HWB) was created with the mission to introduce a higher quality ionized bracelet than what was currently available in the marketplace. Over the past decade there has been a lot of buzz about the benefits of both magnetic and mineral bracelets. After selling thousands of our bracelets at trade shows nationwide, HWB has the testimonials to back the benefits that may be derived from wearing our products 24/7.


    In 2015 our founder began creating the bracelet product line. After several months of attending trade shows and evaluating the current market offerings he decided that using a greater amount of mineral compound and high quality metals in the HWB product line would set his company apart from the rest. The initial manufacturing run was created with a single strand design in a unisex pattern which allowed him to test the demand for a premium product in both the male and female category.


    After selling out his first 5 trade shows our founder began to assemble a team and a national schedule of shows to attend. In 3 years HWB has expanded through out the country with teams attending over 100 trade shows each year spanning vehicle, home, health, and entertainment categories. As of the 2018 New Year HWB employs 5 teams attending up to 10 events a month.

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